Email Marketing - Effective Tool for Bussiness

In a simple word we can say that any email you sent to your customer for the purpose of Promotion of product and services to encourage potential customer or convince current customers to keep buying, strengthen relation with existing customer or advertise for your product or services is email marketing.

All of above are the electronic equivalent to sending out direct mail to customer's mailboxes, writing and sending out a regularly published newsletter with updates and useful information or paying for advertisement space in a newspaper or magazine.

It is an innovative way to reach people for the promotion of their products and services. In a matter of seconds business can reach to several potential customers. It?s cheap and fast way to reach large customer base.

E-mail marketing is also very easily tracked and analyzed. Once a business sends an e-mail, special e-mail marketing software programs can record important statistics. An open rate, for example, measures how many people successfully received and clicked open a specific promotional e-mail instead of deleting it. A click-through rate, on the other hand, gives the percentage of people who actually clicked on links offered in the e-mail and used a particular Web site or opened a specific coupon.

It is a Green Way of marketing. Not only it is effective way of marketing but it also saves environment by saving tons of papers and eventually trees. Many companies have shifted completely for their marketing purpose to email. Not only it is effective for the companies but it also gives them satisfaction to be a part of countering Global Warming.

Example: Consider some of the super stores like Macys, JCPenney or Khol?s. Once you do an online shopping or you have their Shopping Credit Cards they ask for your email address. They use these email addresses for sending you an email for new products, promotion and to maintain existing relationship. This is very core example of email marketing.

• Cheap
• Fast
• Easily Tracked
• Green way of marketing

• We will help you in promoting your business via email marketing.
• We will help you in designing you Email Advertisement
• Maintaining your existing customer relationship
• Improve Return On Investment (ROI).

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